Our Process

For all three components, we tailor our approach to every project based on client needs and expectations.

Project Orientation

Define Research Objectives

We work closely with our clients to understand their research goals, target audience, or market. We can tailor the research objectives and design instruments that enable clients to collect actionable data based on their stated goals.

Design Detailed Methodology

We then develop sophisticated sample plans that provide detailed explanations of the sample frame, multi-stage probabilities of selection, weighting schemes, and more. We expertly develop scientific methodologies for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research, in addition to designing experimental and quasi-experimental approaches for impact evaluations and performance assessments. We can implement surveys, in-depth interview, focus groups, panels, media monitoring studies, and evaluations across a variety of modes, including tablets, telephones, paper and pencil, and online platforms.

Determine Accessibility of Target Audience

Our in-house team of statisticians work closely with local field partners to determine the accessibility of the target population and ensure that the sample frame accurately reflects any data-driven or real-world limitations for optimal sampling.

Instrument Design


Typically, we receive the client’s draft of a questionnaire and then work with the local team to integrate content that is appropriate and relatable to the target population. When necessary, we conduct cognitive testing to validate questions are perceived in the way they were intended when written.

Translate & Verify

Either through back-translations or third-party verifications, we ensure the local language instrument reflects the original meaning behind the English text, so that nothing is lost in translation.


Whenever possible, we conduct rigorous pre-tests to implement the survey instrument and assigned methodology. Based on feedback and/or observations, we liaise between clients and the local field partner to make any necessary adjustments.

Field Logistics

Identify and/or Build Capacity of Local Firms

Over 30 years, we have built a robust international network of field suppliers. Where local capacity does not exist, we travel in-country and invest in building the local team’s skillset to ensure the data are captured accurately.

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Field Preparation

Convert Instrument into Specified Mode & Test

Our team is well-versed in programming and testing scripts designed for implementation across modes, including via telephone, mobile devices / tablets, and the web. We supplement the scripts by developing detailed interviewer training manuals that highlight how to properly implement both the sampling methodology and survey instrument. For qualitative projects, we either create or help refine discussion and moderator guides to effectively achieve the research objectives.

Train Field Team

Whenever possible, our team travels in-country to oversee the training of the interviewers, specifically to ensure the sampling techniques and interviewing procedures are correctly communicated to and implemented by the field team.

Monitor Fieldwork

Conduct In-Field Quality Control

Prior to launching fieldwork, we confirm that the local firm has an adequate plan for monitoring the field procedures, including contact procedures, surveying timing, back-checking, and more. We regularly accompany the local team in field to observe sampling and actual interviews in real time.

Receive Regular Updates on Achieved Sample Plan

We remain in close contact with our local counterparts to receive regular updates on fieldwork, including contact outcomes, demographics of achieved sample, events affecting fieldwork, and more. We are fully transparent and immediately inform clients of changes in sampling and local events that may affect survey coverage and results.

Data Processing

Code & Clean Data

Our team is versatile and can work either with pre-defined data maps or generate them from scratch so that the final dataset reflects the desired format for merging and/or analysis.

Evaluate Field Team Performance

We have developed proprietary programs, which comprehensively analyze each interviewer’s total body of work and assure the integrity, reliability, and accuracy of the data.


Our in-house team of statisticians perform post-stratification and/or complex weighting schemes, based on project needs, so that the data reflect specified population parameters.

Deliver Data & Reports

Our team can deliver datasets in a variety of formats, including SPSS, Stata, and R, among others. Additionally, we submit detailed Methods and Quality Control Reports for full transparency of the project from start to finish.

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Analytical Reporting

Bridge the Gap between Data Science & Communication

Through advanced statistical testing and data analysis, we effectively turn numbers into insights, making sense of the data to tell a story and inform client decisions. Our team utilizes innovative visualization techniques that concisely share key takeaways. Additionally, we can generate heat maps, geospatial models, GPS coordinate graphs, choropleth diagrams, and dot density charts, upon request.

Reveal Insights to Inform Decisions

Because we work closely with our clients from the beginning of a project, we understand their research goals and present salient findings that are clear and actionable.

Share Lessons Learned & Apply to Future Projects

Our team firmly believes in transparency and applying lessons learned to future projects to fortify the integrity of our work. These insights and best practices are shared both internally at D3 and externally with both local partners and our clients to build the quality of future projects, allowing our clients to benefit from returning to us for multiple projects and/or longitudinal studies.

What We Do

D3 provides public polling services for a variety of clients.

Each year, we improve upon our internal processes to reflect the advanced standards in our field.  Because D3 provides public polling services for a variety of clients, we recognize the importance of securing the anonymity of the respondents who participate in our surveys.  D3’s top priority is the privacy and security of customer data. We adhere to some of the most stringent information security standards in the industry.  Qualified third parties routinely review and audit all aspects of our business and operations to ensure ongoing compliance. To learn more about our privacy policy, please click on the link.

As a company, we also strive to implement innovative designs when representing our public image.  From data privacy to our public image and everything in between, we evolve to provide the highest quality products to our clients and communicate the range of services we provide.  We recently redesigned our website and logo to this end, and you can see this growth through our logos below:


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