D3 Managed Survey in Suriname for WJP Rule of Law Index 2022

D3 supported the World Justice Project’s General Population Poll (GPP) by managing data collection in Suriname for the WJP Rule of Law Index 2022, which covered 140 countries in total and has been cited in a variety of publications worldwide, including the Economist and the New York Times

In Suriname, D3 managed the nationwide CAPI-based survey of the Surinamese adult population (18+) using electronic data capture on our Research Control Solutions (RCS) software. The study comprised a multi-stage probability-based sampling methodology with an achieved sample of 248 male respondents and 254 female respondents who were all randomly selected using a random number generator in RCS.

Fieldwork was conducted from May 26th to June 17th, 2022, by a team of 19 Dutch-speaking Surinamese interviewers, who were overseen by a team of 5 fieldwork supervisors and one country lead.

The WJP’s full report in English, including updated profiles for each of the 140 countries and jurisdictions covered in the Index, is publicly available for download online. Additionally, the WJP has published an interactive data portal that allows users to browse the Index scores and rankings by region, income group, and over time, which can be accessed through the following link: http://worldjusticeproject.org/rule-of-law-index/.

For additional analysis of the results of this year’s Index, check out the WJP Rule of Law Index: 2022 Insights booklet, also available for download online in English.

This entry was posted on February 22, 2023

Countries: Suriname

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