D3 Presents Topics from Pakistan Futures at AAPOR's 78th Annual Conference

D3 Senior Research Analyst Sam Solomon and Assistant Research Analyst Anna Dickerson recently presented at AAPOR’s 78th Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Both presentations were based on data from Pakistan Futures, an ongoing series of national surveys commissioned by D3 to understand long-term trends and recent events in Pakistani society.

In her presentation titled “The Examination of Gendered Inequalities in Pakistan through Survey Research,” co-authored with D3 statistician Kriscel Berrum, Anna Dickerson presented on the usefulness of survey research to examine the complex relationships that formulate gender inequalities in Pakistan. Through correlation examination and analysis, she found statistically significant relationships between the understandings of women’s rights, freedoms, and opportunities with key demographic variables.

In his presentation titled “Landscape of Pakistani Politics: Exploring Indicators of Support for Political Parties,” co-authored with D3 statistician David Rae, Sam Solomon explored the contemporary landscape of Pakistani politics by analyzing the vote intentions of survey respondents. Anchoring its analysis around the primary axes of tension in Pakistani society outlined in Christophe Jaffrelot’s The Pakistan Paradox: Instability and Resilience, this presentation examined which variables are associated with support for Pakistan’s three largest national parties, providing insight into the key fault lines of Pakistan’s present political environment.

Full presentations are available below: