D3 Celebrates International Women's Day

The Women in Muslim Countries Initiative (WIMC) conducts survey research in diverse and hard-to-reach areas in order to provide insight into the daily lives and experiences of women in predominantly Muslim countries. WIMC’s data collection efforts and analysis provide a deep look into the oft-perceived gap between public discourse and policy making, and the actual opinions and behaviors of the Muslim population at the individual and community levels.

The WIMC Initiative is sponsored by D3 Systems, Inc. and has surveyed over 33,000 people on the status and rights of women in twenty-six countries since 2007. Countries are periodically added to the database, much of which is based on nationally representative random samples designed to capture the attitudes and behaviors of the female population as a whole.


WIMC map

The WIMC data provides insight for the media, policy makers, researchers, and the general public. Core themes that are investigated via the WIMC Initiative are:

  • Women’s Status & Rights
  • Household Dynamics
  • Outlook for the Future
  • Self-Perception of Rights and Status
  • Health Care
  • Court Systems
  • Access to Media and Resources
  • Political Participation & Efficacy

The WIMC Initiative is seeking to collaborate with partners and external donors with the goals of better understanding women in conflict and non-conflict Muslim communities on a global level and expanding the WIMC database.  Partnerships include academic institutions, international NGOs, donor institutions, foundations, media outlets, and other for profit institutions.

For more information on partnerships, contact wimc@d3systems.com.