D3 Commended for Fieldwork & Quality Control in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh, November 7, 2013 – D3 Systems has been recognized by Counterpart International and Langer Research Associates for its quality control oversight and field work management in Bangladesh.

D3 Systems, Inc. directed the fieldwork for a baseline assessment designed by Langer Research Associates of New York; the field team and local capacity was provided by Org-Quest Research Ltd. of Dhaka, Bangladesh. D3 Systems worked with Langer Research and Org-Quest Research Ltd. to manage the face-to-face interviews of 1,750 program participants in Mymensingh, Kishoreganj, Natore, and Rajshahi. D3’s expertise in conflict and crisis zones was essential to a successful assessment amidst ongoing strikes and riots in Bangladesh.

Counterpart International publically released the Bangladesh Leadership Development Baseline Assessment—written by Langer Research Associates—a five-year initiative funded by USAID to enhance citizens’ engagement in democratic processes and community development. This research will inform the design of the program’s curriculum, and serve as the baseline for future assessments of the program’s impact on leadership training globally. Langer Research Associates will continue to monitor and evaluate the program, and D3 systems will continue to manage field work and data collection, over this five-year period.

The full assessment can be downloaded and found here.

For more information on D3 System’s capacity in Bangladesh please contact us at research@d3systems.com