D3 Joins OpenGov Hub

In April 2015, D3 Systems joined the OpenGov Hub Community in Washington, D.C.  OpenGov Hub brings together distinct, yet like-minded organizations in a shared physical workspace in downtown Washington, D.C. at 1110 Vermont Avenue NW. The Hub is a day-to-day home to a range of institutions working on the open government agenda, while also serving as a community gathering point for open government learning and networking.

In addition to our headquarters in Tysons Corner, D3 Systems now has a space at OpenGov Hub as a way of further expanding the reach of our data and making it more available to a broader audience of groups and individuals working on government initiatives. D3 looks forward to collaborating with policy-oriented advocates and development organizations on research and evaluation efforts that encourage public dialogue and directly impact US government policy, in particular in the fields of security and development.

Contact us at research@d3systems.com if you’d like to meet up at OpenGov Hub!

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This entry was posted on April 23, 2015


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