D3's 2017 Year In Review

D3 wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! 2017 was a productive and rewarding year for the D3 team. We worked in 34 countries, with new projects in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Of the 161 projects completed by our team of 25 researchers, we worked on 16 international development evaluations and conducted six ethnographic interviews in Sub-Saharan Africa. We were enthusiastic to continue work with clients such as the Pew Research Center, the BBG, the Asia Foundation, Facebook, and Sesame Street, as well as start working with PARSA-Afghanistan!

Our D3-sponsored survey tool, Research Control Solutions (RCS), was utilized to conduct more than 33 surveys on tablet or mobile devices for 18 projects. RCS expanded work into five new countries in 2017, Mexico, Jordan, Niger, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to the project work, RCS introduced six brand new features in 2017: automated portals, fingerprint scanning, offline quota tracking, GPS point comparison, audio-visual recording, and chart publishing.

Cheers to another great year! Thank you to all those who were a part of it. Looking forward to more Designing for Data-driven Decisions in 2018!

This entry was posted on December 21, 2017