Media Consumption of Central Americans In Facebook Study

As Central American countries experience the biggest population growth rates in Latin America, digital marketing and online usage continue to surge as well. To better understand their target audience, Facebook commissioned D3 to study the landscape of media consumption and online behavior of adults 18+ living in urban areas of four Central American countries: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama.  D3 and local field partners conducted approximately 800 surveys in each country to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is online and using social media?
  2. What are they doing and consuming online?
  3. Where are they getting online, and how?
  4. When are they consuming media?
  5. Why are they using the Internet & social media?

To ensure a consistent methodological implementation across all four countries, D3’s statisticians referenced each country’s census information and conducted a multi-stage random selection of urban sampling points for the local vendors to survey. More information about the survey methodology may be available upon request.

During the data collection phase, D3 teamed with two local vendors: Dichter & Neira (D&N) based out of Panama City, Panama, and Khanti Consulting in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  While Khanti Consulting exclusively collected data in Guatemala, D&N were responsible for data collection in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama.  With the exception of a small number of interviews captured using pen and paper in Guatemala, all interviews were captured digitally via tablets.

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