Moldovian Media Buyers Desire Better Data

VIENNA, Virginia, March 10, 2010 – D3 Systems recently presented the findings from Moldovan television advertising buyer research at an event launching the new AICI TV Network in Chisinau. The research was conducted for the USAID-funded Media Program in Moldova (MPM). Reflecting the attitudes and perceptions of advertising buyers in Moldova, this research provides insights that support the symbiotic relationship between the media outlet and media buyer.

D3 Systems reports that the regional Moldovan media market could be improved by changing how media is purchased on a regional level. Moving from a culture where ad purchases are based on personal relationships to an environment where media purchases are based on research-backed media consumption data will help make regional TV outlets more openly accepted by the ad buying community.

The research study finds that creating a measurement system that utilizes media measures on a regional level will improve the attractiveness of purchasing regional media. Developing a regional system will provide an effective means for advertisers to reach their target audience in the valuable regional markets while improving revenue potential of the regional outlets.

MPM is a three-year media strengthening program funded by USAID Moldova and managed by IREX. Working in collaboration with Moldovan TV partners; the program seeks to improve the professionalism, sustainability and economic performance of the Moldova media market.

The MPM research cited here was conducted for MPM by D3 Systems of Vienna, Virginia, USA. In-depth interviews were conducted in person by native Moldovans, among 25 media buyers in Moldova, between November 17, 2009-January 18, 2010.