Questionnaire Design in International Context

On Friday, October 17th, D3 Systems presented “Questionnaire Design in the International Context: Tools to Tackle Difficult Questions” at the American Evaluation Association’s 28th annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

Research Analysts Stacey Frank and Nina Sabarre shared strategies for constructing survey questions to collect valid and reliable data that are representative of the population of interest.   They discussed the characteristics of attitude, knowledge, behavior, and sensitive questions, and basic skills for handling these types of questions in the international context where unknown and unplanned-for cultural factors may impact respondents’ understanding.  Using examples from surveys conducted across the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, along with personal insights from field experiences, participants left with tools to deal with issues such as cultural sensitivities, telescoping and recall problems, social desirability bias, and respondents with low education levels.

Thanks to all who participated!

In case you missed out or you want to revisit the material, here is a link to their presentation:

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