UNDP Releases 2010 Police Perception Survey in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan, February 4, 2011- The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) yesterday released results from the 2010 Police Perception Survey conducted by D3 System’s subsidiary, ACSOR- Surveys.  The report was co-authored by D3 Systems and Langer Research.

Perceptions of the Afghan National Police (ANP) are broadly positive overall and have improved across a range of metrics in the past year – albeit with substantial and varied challenges remaining.  Sharp regional differences remain, and positive views are related to police presence rather than deep popularity or confidence in performance.   The main problems perceived with the police include drug use, corruption and a lack of training and equipment.  The survey finds that there is also a lack of clarity as to what the ANP is supposed to do; fight insurgents or perform law enforcement and crime fighting duties.  The full report can be found at http://www.undp.org.af/Publications/

Measures of progress were a key feature in the design of this second set of measurements.  The first set of measures occurred in July 2009. The survey was sponsored by the Law and Order Trust Foundation for Afghanistan (LOFTA) which was established in May 2002 with the specific goal of directing aid money to support and develop Afghanistan’s national police force.  LOFTA seeks to ensure a more secure Afghanistan by providing training and capacity-building exercises to Afghanistan’s police forces.