D3 Presents Two Posters at 2024 AAPOR Conference

D3’s COO, Matthew Warshaw, and Principal Survey Statistician, Timothy Van Blarcom, recently attended AAPOR’s Annual Conference on May 15-17, where they shared their posters on ‘Public Opinion Research Challenges in Mongolia’ and ‘Machine Learning Applications to Survey Data Quality and Fraud Detection.’

Matt’s poster on Mongolia outlines the complexities associated with sampling a population that is largely nomadic or resides in non-permanent dwellings. The poster findings were based on a pilot study conducted by D3 in spring 2023 and explores sampling alternatives outside the capital of Ulaanbaatar.

The three panels below are from the full poster, left to right:

Timothy shared a former award-winning poster that was designed with Liam Spoletini for the 2023 JSM (Joint Statistical Meeting), which you can peruse here!