Gender Implications on Survey Research

Considering the social and political instability in Egypt following the Arab Spring, face-to-face research proves a formidable challenge.  While dual-mode telephone sampling techniques have been extensively explored and developed in the Western context, data informing sampling plans in countries like Egypt are relatively scarce.

In 2013, D3 Systems, Inc. designed and implemented its own national face-to-face multi-stage probability survey to study both landline and mobile telephone ownership and telephony habits of Egyptian nationals. This study utilizes the data to explore the role interviewer gender potentially has on participation rates and responses, in order to further inform and improve dual-mode telephone research methodologies in Egypt. Through a cross-comparison of the data based on interviewer and participant gender, the authors investigate how gender of both the respondent and interviewer affects the likelihood of respondent participation and the nature of the responses provided.

Download the full paper here.